Creative Learning

Students learn better when they experience, feel and are involved.

Art is literacy of the heart.

– Elliot Eisner

Creativity and 21st Century Learning

Creative experiences offers students an opportunity to:

think outside the box
problem solve
think critically
express themselves
reflect and refine
use technology
learn cultural context
produce work

Many connections can be made to 21st century skills:

creative thinking
problem solving
critical thinking
information/media/tech literacy
social and cross cultural skills

Learning through a creative lens not only builds essential life skills but also encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning and choices, all of which results in greater self-esteem and critical emotional, cognitive, physical and social growth.

How we help teachers

We save teachers planning time and classroom time with our easy-to-use, cross-curricular and integrated arts education resources.

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How we help students

Our in-school, integrated arts workshops are a hands-on, interactive, creative and FUN experience that students will learn from and remember!

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How we help everyone

IAR provides custom program design and facilitation as well as consulting for arts education. We also love to get involved in our community!

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What people say


“This incredible resource from InspirEd Arts Resources is an indispensable addition to the international dance education catalogue… ”

Marc Richard, Professor
Sheridan Institute of Technology


“They absolutely loved you guys! I have sent information and photos about your company in to the board website to share and advertise your workshop!”

Catherine Donovan, VP
St. Justin Martyr Catholic School, YCDSB.


“A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of taking one of Kim Erin Spratt’s Dance in-services at the HWDSB Arts Conference. In one quick hour, she…”

Kathy Sitak, Physical and Health Education
Chedoke School, HWDSB

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Who we work with

We are proud to work with many school boards, associations and businesses across Ontario, Canada, the US and beyond.

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